What Footwear Are You Picking This Summer?

Many people believe that one’s personality is judged by the footwear he/she wears. Do you agree with the same?  If you ask me I love spending on footwear and feel happy about it. I had more than 100 pairs of footwear. I recently discarded some of them to re-fill my shoe rack with some cool and trendy footwear this summer. If you too find it interesting, continue reading this list of hottest shoe trends for the summers.

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Choose Your Sunglasses that Suits Your Face Shape

Beat the heat this summer!! One of the most prominent accessory trends we spotted all this while on runways are the sunglasses in all sorts of sizes, colors and prints. So are you ready to see the world through the vibrant and trendy sunglasses?  I am sure these sunglasses will make you stand out in a crowd! Choosing sunglasses that suits your face isn’t that easy. Have a look below to get the right pair for your face shape.

Face Shapes

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Wanna Look Like a Celebrity with Your New Hair Style This Summer?

You will hardly find a girl who doesn’t want to look like a celebrity. Many of us think that the only thing that is seen is the way you dress up. But that is not the only thing. People do notice a lot of other things too. There are many factors that can make you look attractive and beautiful. Your hairstyle is one among them.

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Re-Introducing Shorts – Fashion Trend for Men this Summer

Men's Summer Shorts

Summertime is looming now….So guys what are you waiting for? Let’s replace your autumn/winter wardrobes with a brand new summer collection. It normally begins slyly with an elusive introduction of linen or madras. That’s not it, we all need to start taking out our big guns. And guys believe me there is no bigger gun than shorts if you really want to look charged in long evenings with beer gardens and never ending hose pipe.

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Top Fashion Designers of India

Indian Fashion industry has become quite popular as a fashion centric nation in the world. Earlier, people didn’t know about India and its fashion. However, today India stands out for its elegant and traditional attire – “Saree”. Indian Fashion designers are famed faces in the International Fashion Industry and it is because of them only India is in the list of top fashion countries. As all of us know that the Indian fabric and textile is equally renowned and in great demand in international markets places.

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