Fashion Trends for Spring 2012

Spring 2012 Fashion TrendsFashion is ephemeral and changes in the blink of eyes. It’s the time again. Spring 2012 has already arrived. With its arrival we welcome new fashion trends and say good bye to old. This season designers have also brought us all kind of fashions that include fabulous vivid prints adorned with stripes and geometric prints need not to mention the bright floral prints hanging on the racks. The main theme this spring and summer is slightly tailored and classic but with a tinge of bold and edgy.

Sometimes the attires and trends we see at Fashion shows are wearable. But most of the times  they’re just designed to be valued for what they are —an attire that was intended to be worn for few minutes just one day out of the year.

Let’s begin with the jaw dropping trendy espadrilles….Oh my god, think of those plaids, stripes, and nautical navy. To your surprise, 70s glam is back in the form of one piece jumpsuits with a little shoulder pad. Remember the days of Disco? “Studio 54, sequins, but now with a short sleeve to this new souped up variant of the jumpsuit. Do you like Crochet? FYI, they are back. Maybe you can peep into your wardrobe and might get a crochet lurking somewhere.

The spring color that leaps out our head is orange and red! Let’s accept the fact that there are no other colors that can bring out a loud fashion statement as orange and red. So looking for a new dress? Make it orange/ red.

Belt bags are in now. Of course not talking about the Fanny packs. Get a small square flat belt bags that are cute and less heavy to carry on.

Your beautiful feet need some rest now. So what are you waiting for? Go for the kitten heels. They are feminine and classic and comfortable too. I am sure you will stand out of crowd wearing them.

Just think of capricious patterns. From bird prints to fruits, these prints are in. This spring and summer you will see all the things from top to bottom all sporting whimsical prints.

Hey, how can we forget to talk about the evergreen Stripes? Lucid imagination – You can’t go wrong wearing them, from head to toe.

Now here comes the high-waisted flare. Yes, I am talking about those pants that Katharine Hepburn made so popular. I strongly recommend that you pair this style of pants with a nice heel, just to give the old tone a bit of flare. The new flare pants have loops for a skinny belt too, so now you can flash up your look with a flashy thin belt.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Stay beautiful….Happy Springs!!


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