Go Fashionable with Trendy Bags this Summer 2012

Have you ever thought about how important the accessories are? Yes, they are very important in fact they add elegance and beauty to your outfit and personality. Let’s talk about one among them – that is Bag.

Trendy bags this season should be bright that goes with the season and matches to your personality. You would definitely love Red, shades of blue, green, orange, yellow, turquoise and various combinations this autumn-summer season.

Let’s have a look at the different trends of Bag this summer.

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Knitted Bags: Similar to shoe bags do also come in the knitted form. Knitting looks a bit different and stylish but make it sure that you are carrying them with the right clothing.

Clutches:  Clutches comes in various forms and in neutral colors to carry with the formal wear and in brighter hues for casual outfits. Take them according to your attire.

Printed Bags:  Aren’t you bore of carrying those monotonous bags? Let’s try something different this summer. Spend into printed bags with some interesting patterns.

Foldover Bags: Foldover bags are quite popular and will stay in fashion for this entire Summer 2012 season. They do come in wide variety of sizes, colors and prints. So don’t forget to try them this season.

Shoulder Bags:  These bags have always been in trend.  Although they are named as ‘Shoulder Bags’ they can be carried in hands too. So go trendy with shoulder bags this season.

Satchel Bags:  Oh I just love them!! They are quite comfortable. They don’t look big though they can hold many things. I am sure all those who like to keep everything for even a small occasion would love them too.

Wristlets: I would recommend them to all those ladies who often lose things. They do come in a variety of designs, colors and tones. Go and grab them this season.

Totes & Weekend Bags: All the ladies who have been using huge bags try using average-sized totes and weekend bags this season. Go for vibrant hues to stand out of the crowd.

Tiny Bags: Ladies have always preferred small bags. Yeah they are good for special occasions and look good too. Are ready to try a bag which is not just small but tiny? You must try because these bags are going to be hit this season.

Chain Handles: Remember Chanel’s first introduced chain handles? I do….Since then they have become popular with fashionistas. The secret behind it is very simple – chain handle looks even richer than it really is.


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