What Footwear Are You Picking This Summer?

Many people believe that one’s personality is judged by the footwear he/she wears. Do you agree with the same?  If you ask me I love spending on footwear and feel happy about it. I had more than 100 pairs of footwear. I recently discarded some of them to re-fill my shoe rack with some cool and trendy footwear this summer. If you too find it interesting, continue reading this list of hottest shoe trends for the summers.

In this list some shoes are very sexy and glamorous while others are more comfortable than just pretty. Now it’s up to you to choose your favorite shoes for this season.

Pointed Toes: After the trend of rounded toes we finally see the pointed toes. They are much sexier and feminine. You will mostly find them on shoes this season.

Braided Sandals: After long time they have made a huge comeback this season. Vivid colors and unique ways of braiding make them unbelievably hot.

Super Mega Platforms: They look little weird and not very comfortable too but different people have different tastes. I am sure that there are lovers of this type of shoes too.

Transparent Shoes: Many designers tried to make the transparent shoes popular but everyone took them casually. This season many more designers have come up with the same idea and now I have a gut feeling that these shoes are going to rock soon.

Glittering Shoes: Similar to the shinning clothes glittering shoes will make their place in your closets this season. The most popular colors on runway all this while are silver and gold but you can go for different colors too to look different.

Rivets: They look just fabulous. They do come in all the forms from high-heeled pumps to biker boots. They can be small and almost unseeable or large and made to attract attention. Try them according to your style and personality this season.

Lacing: Lacing is evergreen and still at top in the fashion world. It looks just awesome on sandals but it’s no longer that trendy on boots.

Wedges and Espadrilles: D&G showcased wedges in one of their Spring collections. That time I thought this style would continue for long and yes wedges along with espadrilles have become so popular this season. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab them.

Buckles: They will remain in style for this season too. So make a place in your shoe rack for your favorite buckles this summer season.


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