Funky Jewelries for Jewelry Lovers This Summer’12

Love wearing jewelries? I dooooo!! I know there is no need to tell the fashionistas what role does jewelry plays. We all are very well aware of it. The motto for this summer’12 should be: Wear loads of jewelry and look terrific!!

Have a look at the below jewelry trends to stay stylish and to know the new creations in fashion industry.

Floral Fantasy: Flowers are evergreen but a big hit in summers. They are not only used as prints on attires, footwear, bags and kerchiefs but also on headwear and in different forms of jewelry. All the designers have been inspired by the flowers and have come up with floral necklaces, rings, bracelets, hair clips and other jewelry pieces for this season.

Dangling Earrings: Dangling earrings look very beautiful and feminine. They can highlight your face and can easily attract everyone’s attention. You can go for one-, two- or even three- layered earrings depending upon the occasion and your clothing. They are very trendy and come in various forms from precious metals to plastic elements.

Sea-Inspired Jewelry: This is an awesome theme for summers’12. Designers have made whole lot of excellent accessories that includes sea jewelry too. Sea-star-rings, pearl and fish-scale earrings, shells neck pieces can metamorphose your look and make you look more beautiful.

Ethnic Touch: Whenever I travel to a new place I always prefer to buy the traditional jewelry of that place. Now the time has come to wear them. You can make your own style statement with your bright necklaces, big rings, earrings with peacock feathers and knitted elements. You can add different ribbons and wooden accessories in your hair. Don’t worry much about the matchings, I am sure you will stand out of the crowd.

Genuine Stones: There is nothing to be surprised when people are getting more and more close to the nature. Looking at this most of the designers has started using precious and genuine stones in their creations. So wear them this season and give a rich look to your personality.

Multilayered Necklaces: Now here comes my most favorite. Necklaces with many layers look chic and trendy. You can wear a single multilayer neckpiece or 2-3 necklaces of same/ different colors too to enhance your look.

Bracelets in Unique Shapes: Shapes like triangle, square, hexagonal, cubic, star and round looks quite stylish in bracelets. For some people they may look a bit tough but if they are well coordinated with your dress-up they can brighten up your personality.


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