Quick Makeup Tips for Your Incredible Eyes This Summer’12

Remember the old saying – Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder?

Yeah, today I am going to talk about the hottest summer eye makeup. Enjoy this post that can keep your eyes fly when the temperature rises.

1. Waterproof Mascara

Lots of mascara on top and bottom lashes is the perfect polishing touch. But don’t let the low quality mascara miss your chance to date with that tall, dark and handsome guy; the one you thought was looking at you from across the road but later you realized that he was most probably thinking that how you landed up with two big black eyes. Get off that fate with quality waterproof mascara that stretches your eye lashes to the limit, resisting sweat and water.

2. Eye Shadow

You can go from mild to wild with glitter and smoky eye shadow trends this season. Of course, not everyone can, or like to wear dark shades but you can rimmed your eyes all around in shimmery white with some matte nude shades below the brows to add sharpness.

3. Eye primer

Whether you are putting 1 eye shadow or 4-5, you should go for eye primers to protect it from fading, crinkling and melting in the heat. Primer deepens colors and long lasts eye shadows for the entire day.

4. SPF Eye Cream

Are you a school going teen or a college chic? No matter what you are, get serious about regularly using sunscreen around your eyes to prevent your beautiful eyes from scorching heat. Eye cream layers well under makeup, absorbs instantly, humidifies well and doesn’t hurt your eyes.

5. Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

That’s my favorite eye makeup. When I’m in hurry or don’t have time to apply full eye makeup, I apply waterproof liquid liner in bright shades that goes with my clothing for fast and fun look.

6. Under-Eye Concealer

Upset with your dark circles? Don’t give up! Use a good quality and long-wearing under-eye concealer which sails through the muggiest days and helps in getting rid of your dark circles.


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