Is Your Make-Up Kit Ready For This Summer’12?

Summers are just around the corner and will soon knock our doors. I am sure most you must have been through your closets and have already dusted down your summer clothing. But I was just wondering that have anyone of you thought about the make-up vanity? I know most of you haven’t!! Well, no probs you are not too late but now it’s the right time to pull your socks and give yourself a summer makeover.

1. Skin Protection

This is one the most important factors to be considered. You must save your skin by using a sunscreen with an SPF factor of 15 or higher depending upon your skin type. Try using it daily to prevent those early signs of aging. Most of you might not know that you get exposed to toxic UVA and UVB rays even on cloudy days. So apply sunscreen to keep your face clean. Let it be there on your face for 10 minutes so that it can get absorbed properly.

2. Lighten up
When the hot summer hits, foundation and powder looks too heavy on your skin. Use tinted moisturizer with a damp sponge to get an even look. A bit of concealer patted under the eye will give extra radiance.

3. Fake it

In summers there is nothing better than a healthy glow on your face. One of the quickest ways to achieve this is with bronzing powder. Choose the right shade that suits your skin tone to look sun-kissed.

4. The Incredible Eyes

I have already talked about the eye makeup in my previous post. Light eye shades, a touch of mascara and a little eye liner are perfect for this summer. To complete your summery look don’t forget to have your eyebrows properly shaped. For more tips click on Quick Makeup Tips for Your Incredible Eyes This Summer’12.

5. Luscious Lips
When your skin is exposed to charring heat it equally affects your lips. Don’t forget to use good quality lip balm to keep them soft and supple. In case of tanning a touch of lipstick or lip gloss can help to face the world.

6. Cheeky Cheeks
Most of the ladies don’t prefer to use fake tans and bronzing powders so for them the easiest way to get a healthy natural glow is by using blush. The rules for applying an ultra-fine powder and a light cream are same. Apply it on your cheekbones or the apples of your cheeks according to your face shape. Build up the color slowly until you achieve the soft natural glow that you’re looking for.

7. Tip-Top Toes
Everybody wants to look their feet the best. Don’t forget to pamper them with regular pedicure. Use a pumice or foot file to make them free from dry skin and unsightly cracked heels. Moisturize them regularly to make sure that skin looks smooth and supple.

8. Last but not the least….

If you are going to spend most of your time in your garden or a beach don’t forget to invest some pennies on a good quality sun tan lotion, a floppy sun hat and a pair of sun glasses to protect your skin from the possible sun damage.


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