Some Unusual Eye Shadows to Try This Summer’12

In my last post I recommended you to go for lighter eye shadows this summer. But this post is for those who are tired of using the same old neutral color scheme and wants to try out something different and unique. So wow everyone this season with bright colors eye shadows. Do you wanna try something new? Continue reading to know how you can change that same monotonous norm look.

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Orange on Orange

Sounds quite weird and scary, right? But I will make it work. Just keep rest of the makeup simple, highlight your skin and add a slight touch of mascara with a tinge of pink blush on your cheeks.

Blues and Greens

A mossy green shadow covering the eyes, paired with some blue shades on the inner corners makes a terrific combination. The colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel bring in a cohesive and harmonious effect.

Hot Pink

You can go for some cool and highly-pigmented rose tones with vibrant shades of pink. Try black waterproof eyeliner to give an extra edge along with a hot pink lipstick.

Pretty as a Peacock

Mix both hot and cool tones together by applying a shimmer gold eye shadow to the interior half and mint green shade on the outer half of the lids. Mix well to bring cohesive results. Give an extra radiance by applying turquoise shadow just below the lower lash lines.

Pop of Purple

People say bright and bold doesn’t match their type. How about black waterproof eyeliner along with a pop of purple under the lower lash line? OMG!! It looks just awesome. I am sure it will take you to the completely new level.


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