Flaunt Your Nails with Bright Colors This Summer’12

The summer season is all about vibrant and bright colors. Wanna be a cool fashionista this summer? Check out below the latest nail color trends for this season and look stylish.

Orange: It’s bold and goes well with light colored clothing. Colors like white and multi-color can be best complemented with orange painted nails.

White: White nail paint looks classic with your formal attire and can add more elegance if you do some nail art.  You can also apply shimmer to beautify your nails. White nail polish is all time hit and looks stylish in every season.

Red: It looks bold and beautiful. Classic red is at the top in nail color trend list. So wow everyone you know with the bold red nails.

Gold: This season’s nail paint trends include gold nail polish. So are you ready to beat the heat with a golden nail color. Along with the golden color you can use black color to design your nails for shimmery evening hang out.

Pink: This is the permanent hot weather staple and looks quite feminine. You can opt for any shades of pink from pale and dusty to bold raspberry. Add boldness to this pretty color by doing blue nail art.

Blue: Blue nails will look great.  Accessories are something which needs to be ostentated well with dark nail colors. Dark colors are always chic elegance. So replace your old monotonous charcoal grays and blacks with turquoise, navy, cornflower blue and royal blue.

Neon Brights: Blend your lacquer collection with unusual vivacious hues. Try sunny yellow with a hint of shimmer or if you don’t like glitters you can opt for attention-getting orange.

Shiny Metallics: From attires and accessories to makeup and polish, shiny metals are a must. Give your hands glam look with a high-gloss topcoat.

Neutral Sparklers: If you’re bored of the same nude-based shades then try out some exciting light-reflecting pastel colors. You can look for pearly periwinkles and shiny pinks and lavender to exude elegance.


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