What Lip Color Are You Choosing for Your Luscious Lips This Summer’12?

Are you ready to experiment with your luscious lips this summer? If yes, try out some trendy lip shades that suit your skin tone and personality. According to me the simple thumb rule for this summer should be – Keep it matt and keep it bold. Don’t hesitate to try out different colors but make sure that the color should lift up your skin tone.

Before you rush off to follow this trend don’t forget to do some lip maintenance.  You don’t need to do much but just the gentle scaling with a wet toothbrush to remove the scaly dead skin. Also apply some good quality Lip Balm to supple your lips.

In this post, we are going to see four trends for your lips and then you can happily go shopping!!

Wet Look: The wet look is in and looks trendy. You can choose colors like pink, coral and red. Wet look consists of glossy colors which are very satiny and quick to apply and moisturizes your lips. Try carrying this wet look with a lot of panache.

Dazzling Trend: This trend comprises of bold and dazzling colors like browns, hot pinks and berry reds. You can also highlight your lips with shiny lip gloss. Another way to make your lips glamorous is by applying glittery lip shades.

Natural Lip Colors: Natural lip color is evergreen and looks extremely stunning. You can just highlight it with gloss and can give a neat sophisticated look. If bold colors are not your choice then also you can look beautiful with natural shades.

For Dusky Beauty: I am dusky and I love to experiment with my makeup. I mostly go for highlighted eyes and bolder colors. If you are also like me then my recommendation is to go for colors like pale orange, bright corals or berry red. But don’t apply orange lip color with wear orange dress. Mix and match properly to carry it with elegance and style.


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