Get Gorgeous Skin this Summer’12 Season

To look gorgeous is your right and nothing should come between you and your beautiful skin especially the hot sunny days. All seasons are different and you must pluck your habits in accordance with that.

Keeping your skin clean and charming is quite a difficult task especially in summers. Most of the skin problems arise in this season like tanning, dehydration of skin, dryness, darkness of skin and then it results into aging.

It’s high time now to start thinking seriously and take intelligent step ahead. In this post I am sharing some skin care tips that will help you to retain your beautiful and charming skin this summer.

Exfoliate Everyday: After cleaning your face before sleeping, be sure to exfoliate. Don’t use hard scrub. If you don’t have it, a tablespoon of sugar or oatmeal will do.

Use Facial Masks: Try doing it every day especially in summers. Don’t worry if you don’t have, you can make it at home. Mashed banana or avocado can work well. You can opt for plain yogurt also.

Makeup: Use cosmetics carefully and don’t opt for cheapest ones. It’s recommended to do light and natural makeup in day time and dark makeup in night time. And yes, don’t forget to use ice before applying makeup; it makes the base stay for long.

Moisturize Your Skin: Moisturizing your skin is must. You can use alpha hydroxyl acids, vitamin A or C, or any type of special cocktail treatment. Let that penetrate in, then apply a moisturizer over that. Repeat it in the morning too.

Eat Right and Healthy: Summer season is here, eat nutritious food and drink lots of water. Include lots of veggies, fruits, nuts in your meals.

Stay Away from Stress: No matter how much beauty conscious you are stress can easily show up on your face. Do things that make you happy because your face reflects things inside your mind.

Hydrate your Face Frequently: Whether it’s a commercial product or your homemade, don’t forget to hydrate your face. According to me nothing can treat your skin well like water. Use ice to hydrate. It gives freshness to your skin.

If have some serious skin problems never hesitates to take advise from beauticians and experts.

Stay Beautiful!! Cheers to Your Beauty!!


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