Pamper Your Pretty Feet This Summer’12

We do care a lot for our face, skin and hands but have you ever thought to pamper your Feet? I know most of you haven’t. It’s not your fault the reason being our feet are so far from our eyes, often get neglected. This result in cracked heels, callused toes and ugly soles and thus doesn’t look the way you want them to flaunt in your new beach footwear.

According to me – Summer is the most vicious season for feet. In winters, feet don’t get hurt much as they are covered in socks and boots. But wearing flip-flops and sandals for the entire season can cause severe damage to the skin. In fact I have seen many girls having cracked heels with open wounds during late summers.

My advice to all the gorgeous ladies is to follow the below nourishing routine for beautiful feet all year round. Treat your feet with an advanced professional pedicure to protect them from burning in the scorching sun.

  1. Take a salt bath to soften and supple your feet.
  2. In advanced pedicure callus removal is one important step, which therapists normally does by first applying a special softening solution onto the damaged area and then uses properly sanitized equipments.
  3. Then the sugar scrubbing comes to exfoliate the entire foot.
  4. A foot massage with natural oil is another important step which deeply sinks in your skin and supple your feet.
  5. A hot paraffin wrap really works well and seals your feet in moisture.
  6. And finally when all this process is done, starts the classic pedicure where your toenails are cut and filed, cuticles are softened and nails are painted with the color of your choice.

Have happy feet this summer 🙂


One thought on “Pamper Your Pretty Feet This Summer’12

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