Update Your Jewelry Boxes with Chunky Bangles & Bracelets

2012 is the year of gold jewelry!! I am sure you all agree to it.  And gold bangles are the best way to fill your wardrobes. They go with almost every clothing and come in all types of patterns, textures and themes. With gold rates soaring up, designers have come up with some exciting ideas ranging from simple artificial bangles to bows, zippers and tribal patterns.

Bangles/ Bracelets are playing a big part in 2012 accessories trend . Check out some exciting bangles/ bracelets trend this season:

  1. Loaded bangles with a mix of organic and colors can definitely make you look a lot more cute.
  2. Piles bracelets are another ear wrist candies. Stack them up!! They are one of Spring-summer’s hottest accessories.
  3. If we talk to go natural, the wood piled bracelets with different thicknesses can be a unique selections.
  4. If you want to look elegant and exquisite, stacked bracelet with organic colors will do the needful.
  5. Woven bracelets are another style statement and give a holistic look.

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