Wow Everyone with Printed Dresses this Summer’12

Like other summer season this time also the fashion trend for clothing is Prints. But the question is what kind of prints are going to be hit? Let me give the answer right away – With no wonders floral, stripes and natural prints are going to be popular.

Read further to know what all Prints are in this season:

Floral Print:  These prints are evergreen and were superhot in 2011 also. Floral print is almost every designer’s choice. They are blooming and impressive.

Nature Print: It is looks quite strange but it appears to be popular soon. Pictures of trees, flowers, sun, sea and other can’t remain untouched. How can we forget animal prints here? They will be hotter than ever before.

Wild & Ethnic Prints: These print will be an interesting trend this season. They look unique and trendy. And you can surely make a stand out wearing them.

Kaleidoscopic Print: This is a complete new trend for us. I am sure bold fashionistas going to love it. You can opt for one single item in this print or can completely make your outfit in it. Both ways can make you look incredible.

Stripes: Now that’s my all time favorite. They look graceful and chic. They make perfect formal dress up. But for our surprise designers are offering them in casual clothing. All types including vertical, horizontal and even diagonal stripes make you look very cool.

Geometrical Prints:  Along with all the above prints you will find geometric prints too this season.  It will include polka dots, zigzags, triangles, checks with lot many versions.

Combined Prints: It is the combination of all the prints. Doesn’t sound interesting to you? Well, to me it does. Flowers go well with checks, animals with geometrical prints and kaleidoscopic prints with hearts. Like this there can be many terrific combinations.


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