Go Stylish with Latest & Fashionable Belts This Season

In this modern fashion era, belts are playing vital role. Some dresses are incomplete without proper belt and buckles like trousers, jeans, skirts, tuxedos etc. A fashionable and graceful belt buckle can really help in increasing personality effect. They can give you slim and smart glance by masking the volume and fall of outfit particularly on the waist points.

Let’s discuss today the latest belt fashion’12 trends for your outfit and style:

Leather Belts: These belts are most reliable and fashionable. They are popular in both the men and women wears. They come in different colors and designs with classical metallic buckles. They can easily grab everyone’s attention at your work place.

Jewellery Belts: This trend has become famous from last decades. Jewelry added on belt comes in different shapes like – rivets, clips, metals, beads and beautiful stone. They look very trendy and cool. You can wear them in any eve party.

Fur Belts: These belts are made up of some fur material. The trend of these belts is common between both women and men. They look so fascinating in red, green and pink colors. Fur laces look glamorous in the clinging form on these belts.

Thin Belts: As they have small width they are popularly known as thin belts. They are apt for formal parties and occasions. They are always center of attraction and look elegant.

Wide Belts: These belts are extra bigger in width. Wide belts are very common among young boys due to their prominence.

Side Buckled Belts: It has become must have in belt trends. Side bucked belts trend has been adapted very quickly among youngsters. It looks cool and stylish.

Metallic Embellishments Belts: All this while on runaway, metallic embellishment belts were worn by famous fashion models. Metal buckles are mandatory in belt crafting and designing. You can get them in local fashion market and online garments shops too.

Velvet Belts: In these belts, hard velvet is used for fabrication. The availability of almost all color velvet make them common belt. They can be worn in both casual and formal occasions. They look amazing in red, orange, silver and white.

Fabric Belts: These belts are also common after leather belts. They get over the leather belt demand because of their lastingness and shining. Different fabrics like satin, wool, silk, cotton, pashmina etc are used for making fabric belts. It has become so very popular among fashion lovers especially young girls.


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