Look Gorgeous in Maxi Skirts this Summer12

All the fashionistas will be shocked to hear that maxi skirts are going to be one of the hottest trends this season. In fact maxi skirts have become a must-have for all those women who value fashion and style.

All the designers have come up with different colors like blue, green, turquoise, raspberry and red.  Maxi skirts with wild prints, especially leopard, stripes, floral look awesome. These skirts have amazing patterns like pleated, draped, frilled, asymmetrical and straight.

It’s very important to choose maxi skirt that fits well in your shape. It looks versatile when chosen correctly. Read further to see which shape do you resemble with.

  1. Tall Ladies: If you want to look shorter, you should go for a two colors maxi skirt separated with a horizontal line. Flats, a bolero and a short blazer can also help you look shorter.
  2. Petite Women: Wear floor-length skirts with body hugging and V-necklines tops. Wear heels to stretch the silhouettes. I would strongly recommend staying away from prints and frills as they make you look shorter.
  3. Slim Girls: Maxi skirts are best for slim girls. Pleated maxi fit you the most.
  4. Plump Women: Plump girls should be careful while wearing maxi skirts especially of strong fabrics. These fabrics make you look bigger and emphasize areas which you would never like to reveal.
  5. Ladies with big breasts and broad shoulders should go for maxi skirts having high splits to balance the figure.

Hope the above tips helped you in choosing your maxi skirt. Now see how to wear these maxi skirts for a romantic date or in office:

  1. Maxi skirt with a coy blouse and a well-designed blazer make a good classic combo.
  2. Clinging top, light summery jacket with a maxi skirt looks awesome if you are on a holiday.
  3. For smart looking girls, maxi skirts with biker boots and fur jackets can be the best option.
  4. In winters it’s advisable to wear a maxi skirt with a leather jacket or a knitted cardigan.
  5. Narrow and straight-line skirts can go with clinging and loose tops. Full maxi skirts look just the best with close-fitting tops.
  6. Printed maxi skirts goes well with single color tops while monotone skirts looks fabulous with both printed and monotone tops.
  7. Maxi skirts look candid with long cardigans and blazers.
  8. Big rings and bracelets give a bright look to your maxi skirts.
  9. Wide belts and wide-brim hat with a maxi skirt look stunning.

Don’t forget to choose your footwear that goes well with a maxi skirt. You can go for flats, wedges, espadrilles or heels according to your maxi skirt.


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