Forget Matchy-Matchy, Go Clashy-Clashy

I have always been matchy-matchy. If I am wearing pink, I use to wear pink makeup, pink shoe, pink nail paint and so on. But this is an old trend now.

Let’s do some experiments this season. Try blacks with reds, polka dots with stripes, clumsy boots with dresses or something like that. In short, my overall motto is to break your monotony of keeping a serious and matching look since ages. My mismatched wardrobe of clothes, accessories and shoes has given me a way to fake being loud, sans microphone.

Go for animal prints, this season it’s about mixing prints. Try giraffe print, zebra print, leopard print and so on. You can pair your floral skinnies with leopard smoking flats or loafers along with gold snakeskin look baubles.

This is just one trend I talked about. You can mix many trends and make them brilliantly mis-matched outfit. So folks, try this exotic trend this summer!!


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