Skin Care Tips for Future Brides

We all know that cosmetics just give artificial beauty. Excessive use of cosmetics can harm your skin badly. Stop experimenting with your skin especially when you are a bride. A bride should stop using beauty products almost 4 or 5 days just before the wedding. This will prevent your skin from various skin tribulations before your wedding day.

Here I am sharing some home care tact that will help you to keep your skin fresh and glossy before your marriage day.

1. Keep Your Skin Clean: I have already discussed that stop using cosmetics just before your wedding day. It helps your skin to breathe well and look fresh. Don’t forget to do scraping and cleansing before going to the bed.

2. Use of Moisturize: Using moisturizers are much better options than cosmetics. Moisturize your skin well with a good quality moisturizer. According to your skin tone, go for either water based or oil based moisturizer. This will gives your skin glow and slowly it will also improve your skin complexion.

3. Use Ubtan: In India, tradition of Ubtan is very famous and it has a great magic in itself. It’s a blend of turmeric, ubtan and water of roses has which has an excellent power to tone your skin. Ubtan medicate your skin through its constituents and natural elements. It is very useful to get a golden glow on bride’s face.

4. Use Rose Water: Rose water is another great option to keep your skin fresh. Sprinkle rose water on your face and you can feel the results 3-4 days. It’s the best natural artifact and a great alternative of cosmetics.

Stay fresh and beautiful 🙂


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