Go Crazy with Leopard Prints this Season!!

Animal prints haven’t faded out in the new season. The snakeskin prints persist though but the leopard print is one of the best fashion trends that is always in. It’s my personal favorite. One can wear it in accessories, garments and footwear.

Today, I will tell you about some new ideas of wearing a leopard print.

If you want to emphasize your leopard print you need to keep the rest of your attire more on soft tone. Black works well when you need a subtle background. You can be bold in colors but with this carry either of the leopard-printed bag, shoes or a sleeveless jacket.

The fashion trend for this season says that – you can mix different prints together that complements the leopard print you want to wear. Remember that the prints shouldn’t compete with each other; it may ruin your outfit. So, if you want to stand out of the crowd, make sure that only one print should dominant.

This season is all about luxury, so you can add in some dazzle into your leopard print attire. Try not to overdo. Go for trendy gold jewelry or a bright handbag as leopard print goes well with them.

Formal leopard print can be an eyesore, so go for a leopard pattern to give it a fresh look. In this way you can keep it subtle and hazy subdued colors. It’s there, but it’s not there for people until you have a close look.

To break the monotony this season, Leopard prints have come up with some technicolors. Those old brown prints are outdated now. So if you are scared of overdo it, go with a bit of detail in your clothing. It can be stylish shoes, small shoulder bag or clutch.

Stay Stylish 🙂


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