Protect your Skin from Scorching Sun this Summer’12

Are you feeling hot? And wish you could sit in your refrigerator? Sun is over our head. The heat waves are taking us off guard. For me, summers are never-ending battle with perspiration, humidity and exhaustion.

To protect your delicate skin from this prickly heat, use this summer skin routine tips below:

1. Clean your face morning and evening. If your face goes oily especially in the summertime, go for a less hydrating cleanser. You can try bar soap that helps in control the extra oil secretion your skin is producing.

2. You should apply the antioxidants. The sun rays stimulate free radicals that may result in fine lines, swaging and freckles. Try serum with antioxidants along with the moisturizer (preferably with SPF), it absorbs some of these free radicals. Go for good quality antioxidants, they include vitamin C, Idebenone and green tea.

3. Moisturizer is must. Continue using the moisturizer, even if your skin is greasy. The hydrating ingredients in these moisturizers really help to keep skin tissues work properly. But if your skin gets slippery, opt for an oil-free cream or moisturize only after cleaning at night.

4. Apply lots of sunscreen. If your moisturizer in not at least SPF 15, you have to use sunscreen over your moisturizer. Apply it frequently and apply again after sweating or swimming.  Almost one ounce is required to cover the entire body and a tablespoon will save your face and neck. Sunscreen is one of the important tools in the summer skin armory.

Have a healthy skin 🙂


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