Does Lemon Really Help for the Face?

Yes, it does!! Lemon is one of the most important citrus fruits that we use. Today, I will tell you that how it help as a cosmetic product beside the foods.

Lemon juice helps in warding off the acne formation. Vitamin C present in its juice avoid the acne formation. 64% of lemon juice is Vitamin C. Constituents of lemon like Calcium, Pantothenic acid and Magnesium also contributes in making your face skin glow.

Lemon face masks are very powerful and effective. Add honey into your lemon juice that will make the perfect face mask recipe. Use this face mask every night and you will see the results in a month. It will solve your acne problem. Keep this mask on your face just for 15 minutes and wash with water after 15 minutes.

This lemon mask brings a natural glow and color. Rinsing off with lukewarm water will definitely increase the mask’s effect. It will also clean the black spots on the problematic areas.

Hope this quick home face care tip helps you bring that glow on your face 🙂


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