Types of Nose Piercings

In my previous post I spoke about the Nose piercings trend. Now I will talk about the types of nose piercing.

It is quite cheap and a fast job too. That’s another reason why people are going crazy for it. However, before going to the piercer, make it sure that what type of piercing you want. There are so many. Just see which one suits you the most.

1.  Septum Piercing: It is also called as Bullring. It is the most common type of piercing. Here, the piercing is done in the small gap between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip. It is quite an easy task. Chances of rejection are almost negligible even though the pierced portion has many blood vessels. The best part about it is that you can make it invisible. This piercing is carried out with a specialized hollow piercing needle. It removes the risk of mashing the tissues unlike a piercing gun.

It will heal fast if you give the proper after care. Clean the pierced part with a saline solution and a piece of clean soft cloth. Follow this at least thrice a day. It will derogate the risk of infection.

2. Bridge Piercing: It is for those who have daring and want to stand out of the crowd. It is also called as Earl Piercing (on the name who first wore it). It is uncommon and as the name suggests, it is done on the bridge of the nose. It is difficult and takes time to heal. There are high chances of rejection also but an experienced piercer can do it properly.

You strictly need to follow the aftercare instructions as your body may reject the jewelry. Try to get it done by the professionals because rejection may lead to the complications.

3. Nostril Piercing: It is even more popular than the septum piercing. This looks very trendy and stylish that you are most likely to spot everywhere. This is done on the nostril itself. You may choose on the left or the right one.

Stay Stylish 🙂


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