Want to Try Nostril Piercing?? You Must!!

Accessories is one of the most important parts of fashion. It may be related to face, arms, hands, ankle or foot. If we talk about face jewelry, it consists of ears, nose and head jewelry. Today, I am going to discuss about the Latest Nose Ring Fashion Trend.

It goes without saying that nostril piercing trend has become quite popular after ear piercings. It’s a traditional ornament that was worn by ancient folks of the world. Now we can say that it is an old fashion.

But as we all know that the fashion changes with time, new trends are hitting the market every now and then. Nose rings trends and patterns have also changed. Long back there was a trend of heavy looking nose rings and screws normally studded with some stones.

Today’s trend is simple nose rings and screws. These rings have many benefits. You don’t need to worry much about the precious stone that is studded in your ring as it’s a problem if stone is lost. Also, you need to immediately change the ring before anyone points you that you are wearing a ring that has a missing stone.

Another benefit is that they are easy to carry even if you are journeying and also when you want to change them according to the mood or theme or outfit. You can wear these nose rings to any places like college, office, dance party or any casual gatherings.

Nose rings are made from metals and other precious metals like Gold and silver. Traditionally they are most popular in Asian countries, especially in Pakistan and India.

It’s a common opinion about the nose rings, that they are confined to only women. This trend is not only limited to women now, but men are also taking interest in it.

Stay Stylish with your pierced nose 🙂


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