Which Type of Nose Ring Suits You the Most?

Are you looking for the best nose ring that compliments your piercing?

As I discussed in my previous post, the nose rings trend is back and hitting the market especially among the youngsters. Earlier it was a typical Indian tradition but now it is accepted around the globe. It brings a significant change in your looks so be sure about what type of nose ring you choose.

Nose rings are of many types. Some of the nose rings may have a long chain extending to ears. These are usually worn by the brides. Other nose jewelry size starts from very small to even bigger than nose size.

Have a look at some of the latest nose ring types                                                                                                                                              

1.Segment Nose Rings: This is the most common type of nose ring among the girls and women. These nose rings pain and are worn on the right nostril. They comes in various colors and shapes – waves, thin and fat rings. These are normally made up of titanium and other materials includes steel, gold and silver. These rings look excellent on oval face and sharp nose.

2. Beaded Nose Rings: It is also mostly used among teens and also called as Captive Bead Rings. This is one type which has the traditional look and that’s why it matches very well with the Kurti and Sari trend. You can change the beads according to your outfit and occasion. The ring is a bit heavy here to support the bead and thus these nose rings suit the long faces.

3. Half Beaded Nose Rings: These types of nose rings are opt for round faces. It makes their face look slim. These rings are half circle with screwed beads. You can change the beads according to your need. It goes well on party wears.

Flaunt them according to your face type and make a style statement 🙂


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