Get Beautiful Hijab for you this Summer’12

I am sure that very few people have thought about the Hijab as a Fashion Trend.  Most of you must be hearing this name Hijab for the first time. It is basically a piece of cloth used to cover women’s head from public. Hijab is an Arabic word that means covering. This is a term in Muslim society.

Sometimes Hijab is must in Muslims but sometimes females wear it traditionally. Hijab is also called as Modest Dressing for women in Muslims Communities. Hijab is now followed as a fashion trend in some of the societies.

The women of countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and Pakistan wear Hijab as a tradition. Hijab is also called as Burqa in few countries. Burqa is an all-over wearing used to cover the complete body and is usually in black color. Hijab is also known as Scarf.

The cloth that is used for Hijab is made from silk but usually its cotton. Now you can get a huge variety of Hijab and also new trends in market. Apart from black they also come in beautiful prints and elegant embroideries. Hijab can be matched with your outfits too.


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