Tired of Blackheads? Don’t Worry; You Can Now Remove Them Easily!!

I n my previous post, I spoke about how to Now Quickly Get Rid of the Blackheads On Your Nose!! Today, I will discuss about the facial blackheads and how to get rid of them.

These days Blackheads are one of the major skin concerns. These blackheads are seen in women and girls both. Let’s talk about one of my favorite facials i.e. banana facial. It is very effective for different skin problems and blackheads. Its anti-oxidant ingredients are very useful and thus its facial helps in curing the blackheads problem.

Take meshed banana and one teaspoon honey in a bowl. Add two teaspoon lemon juice to this mixture to bring a natural face color. Apply this complete blend on the affected areas and keep it there for 15-20minutes. Don’t keep it for long as the acidic features may hurt your skin. You can apply this mixture twice or thrice a week. It gives very powerful results and can be applied on all skin types.

Another important thing is to remove the mask carefully. Try using warm towel for it. Don’t rub the towel harm while cleaning as the face skin becomes sensitive after applying the mask. You may find your face a bit bleary but your face color gets recovered just after ten minutes.

Have a healthy skin!!


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