Try out these Homemade Facemasks!!

It’s very important to keep your face skin healthy. For this, today I am going to tell you how face masks can make your face healthy and avoid acnes. The main products for making the healthy face masks are fruits.

These masks will help you to recover from various skin problems and make a more healthy face ever.

  • Banana is one of the most important fruits used for healthy facemasks. Banana has lots of vitamins, minerals and erotinin which are required to nurture the face’s skin.Lemon facemasks fulfils the vitamin requirement.
  • Lemon contains important vitamins like C, A and B1. Lemon juice blend with egg white can be a good way of keeping your face clean. Read one of my previous posts – Does Lemon Really Help Your Face?
  • Grape mask is face’s best mineral feeder. It can regain the face color even after a sleepless night. You can use this mask for any face skin types.
  • Tomatoes mask contains protein and vitamin A. But don’t keep it for more than 15minutes because of its acidic constituents.
  • Strawberry mask is another very useful mask. It is somewhat acidic like tomatoes and lemon, so use it very carefully and for limited time.

Stay Beautiful and Healthy!!


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