Add Style to Your White Outfit!!

In my previous post, I have discussed about the “Things to Remember While Wearing White Outfits, now I will tell you how to style up your white dress with different color combination, accessories, footwear and bags.

Be it summer, winter or spring, white is an all time favorite for most of the fashionistas. White outfits are not only for the formal look but also be used to bring a trendy style statement.

Follow these fashion tips and get a chic look this summer.

Color Combination: You can Team up your pure white with a vibrant colored shrug or a scarf. Try using bright colors, floral prints or fluorescent shades to go a bit creative. For example, take orange or bright pink or siren red scarf to compliment your informal look.

Accessories: To make your white dress stylish, try to accessorize it. This will add colors to your plain white dress. Neckpieces are the best way to compliment your white outfit. You can also opt for wide brown/ black belts if you want to give your dress a funky look. Red or silver head bands are the best way to grab everyone’s attention in a plain white dress.

Footwear: Be it red, orange, yellow or silver, any colored footwear can go with your white dress. You should choose your accessories and footwear depending on the occasion. Black footwear looks awesome with white dress. As it is summer season, you can go for some bright and vibrant colors. One important tip here is to make sure that your accessories and footwear compliments each other. Then only your white dress will look stylish and trendy.

Handbags: Floral prints bags and colorful bags look cool and stylish in summers. You can also try jute and bamboo bags. They are eco-friendly and look trendy too with the white outfit.


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