Check Out Some Exciting Nail Art Tips

Do you love to keep your nails painted? If yes, then nail art is something that you would always love to try with. Also, this season is apt for trying some vibrant colors.

Follow these below tips to make your nails look stylish and trendy:

1. If nail is already painted, remove it with nail paint remover. Use clean cotton balls to remove it to avoid the nail paint stains.

2. Clean the cuticles with the help of nail filer. Filer cleans the cuticles that are stained by the nail paint.

3. Now wash your hands with a mild soap. Softly clean the nails too.

4. After 5 minutes when the nails get dried, apply a single coat of the light pink nail paint on your nails. Don’t forget to shake the bottle before use so that t the color balls at the bottom of bottle gets distributed equally. Apply the nail paint from bottom till the end of the nails.

5. Wait till it dries. If the color shade is very light, you can go for the second coat also.

6. Now pick up dark blue nail paint. Here we will apply the blue nail color only at the tip of the nails that are projecting outside the skin.

7.  Apply this blue nail paint carefully so that it doesn’t overlap with the pink one. The blue nail color is to show that the nail extension is only blue in color. Let the nail paint dry completely first.

8. You can also do golden nail art on it to give a trendy look.

If you don’t have time and want your nails to dry within minutes, place your hands in front of the fan. You can also dip your hands in cold water for 2-3 minutes after applying the nail polish to fix it.


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