Feet Care Tips for this Summer!!

Every woman wants her feet to be very beautiful. Your feet are always covered during winters but in summers you really need to take very good care of your feet. Today, I am going to discuss some quick tips about how to moisturize your feet and keep them soften.

Coconut Oil: It is very good for your feet. Its natural extract solaces and moisturizes your feet. You should apply coconut oil just after taking bath and before sleeping. If you want to get better results, first scrub your feet with foot scrubber and then apply the oil.

Body Lotion: Most of you must not know that our feet don’t have oil glands. So you should moisturize them regularly. You can go for body lotion to moisturize your feet.  Apply moisturizer at least twice in a day.

Canola Oil & Sand Mix: This is an excellent way to exfoliate your feet. Take canola oil and sand. Mix them well and form a paste. Now apply it on your feet. You can rub a little hard on your ankle. It removes your dead skin and promotes cell growth.

Olive Oil and Strawberries Mix: Take crushed strawberries in a bowl and put 2-3 tsp of olive oil. Blend well and apply on the feet.  You can also add milk to it. Massaging for 4-5 minutes will soften your feet.

Milk: You can also massage your feet with milk at least once in a day. Massage can be really very helpful when done for 15 minutes. Once massage is done, you can wash your feet with a mild soap and then apply a body lotion.


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