Avoid Things that Trigger Acnes

Things that causes AcneAcne is commonly seen in youngster. Many of you must not know that the thing that triggers acnes is the level of testosterone. Testosterone secretion is very high at pubescence and that’s the main cause of acne. Acnes formation decreases after the age of 25.

Sugar is another main gun trigger of acnes. Sugar is present in almost everything we eat and has high calories too. Sugar also activates the testosterone formation in the body.

If you are young and suffering from acne problems, you must stop using fats. Fats do have lots of hormone trigger. Products like cheese and milk have lots of fat so acnes are very common in those who have high intake of milk or ice cream.

Caffeine is a powerful acne trigger. Caffeine triggers the sebaceous glands and thus you perspire more which forms acne. Caffeine also causes sleep disorder and some meal disorder that trigger the acnes.

Are you tired of your acne problems and want to get rid of it? Read my previous post where I talked about Few Tips to Get Rid of Acne.


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