Check Out These Lipsticks Makeup Tricks

Wondering how a lipstick alone can be your complete makeup kit? Don’t worry, today I will tell you how you can use your lipstick to do the makeup. Apart from just lips, lipstick can make your eyes, cheeks and forehead attractive.

1. Blusher: It’s not possible to carry the complete makeup kit every time you travel. You may leave things here or there. So, if you are carrying your blusher and have to attend party, then simply rub little bit of the lipstick on your thumb and apply it to your cheeks. This tip will bring the same blusher effect on your cheeks.

2. Eye Shadow: If you don’t have eye shadow, don’t worry your lipstick will do the needful. You can use any shade of lipstick for eyeshadow. Take nude shades as the base color. Now, start highlighting your eyelids with brown or red hues around the brow bone.

3. Sindoor Stick: Sindoor is the Indian traditional term for vermillion. In India, married ladies apply vermillion in their hair parting. If you run out of sindoor, then you can use a bit of red lipstick too.

4. Bindi: Now this is another important Indian makeup accessory. An Indian outfit is not complete without a bindi in between your eyebrows. Take any shade of lipstick that goes with your dress and draw a line or a dot in between your eyebrows.


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