Check Out The Monsoon Fashion Don’ts

In my previous post, I have discussed about Monsoon Fashion Do’s. Now I will discuss about the Don’ts of Monsoon Fashion. These are tips will definitely be useful this monsoon season.

Light Colors: Don’t wear light colored outfits especially the bottoms. Mud can spoil your outfits. Try wearing bright colors like dark green, orange, yellow and fluorescent colors. You can go for bright colored tops with plain slim-fit pants or trousers. Another problem with light colors is they become transparent after getting wet. So, try to wear as many dark clothes as possible.

Flip-Flops: Flip flops?? A big no-no for this season. You can go for slippers but make sure that they fit in properly in your feet. This will help in avoiding unwanted mud stains on your legs and outfits.

Leather: It can spoil due to the humid weather. So, whether it’s your footgear or an outfit; try avoiding leather products in the monsoon season.


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