Do’s For This Monsoon Fashion Season

After the scorching heat, get ready for the monsoon season. Fashion changes with time, so the trends.  Monsoon is all about rain, mud and puddles. To look fresh and colorful in monsoon, checkout these monsoon fashion tips.

Wear Shorts: Shorts are apt for this season as you will find lots of puddles around. You don’t need to buy new shorts; you can wear your summer shorts in the monsoon season too. Shorts till or above knee looks good in monsoons. You can definitely carry a chic look with these shorts.

Wear Florals: Monsoon is a season of vibrant colors. It’s a season of love and romance so it shouldn’t be lived with dull and sad colors. Try bright floral prints this season to give a fresh look to your personality.

Accessories: This is my favorite fashion thing. Accessories like hats, trendy neckpieces, rings, anklet and toe rings will definitely add up to your chic look.


One thought on “Do’s For This Monsoon Fashion Season

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