Love for Funky Floaters

Summers are in full swing and are getting sweltry hot. So, if you don’t want your feet to suffer in a pair of shoes you can go for sandalsor floaters.

Trendy Floaters

Floaters are known for their trendy looks and tough vibe. You can get them in leather, faux leather, fabric or mesh. Both men and women who like to go trendy can opt for the pair of floaters. They are best for outdoor use and their superb traction makes it sure that you don’t slip. You can get the waterproof floaters too. Wearing them you can step into a rippling brook. And they dry in no time too.

To give a trendy look, you can invest in reds, blues, yellows and other vibrant colors. You can also wear funky socks (except in the rainy seasons) and colorful tees. Girls can opt for baby pinks and mauves and can team them with floral skirts to bring a fresh summery vibe.

Stay Funky 🙂


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