Truths & Myths About Some Beauty Tips!!

Many of us have lots of myth about some beauty tips. Let’s discuss them today and wash them off from your mind 🙂

 1. Waxing or shaving makes hair grow more thicker

It’s a myth! Waxing or shaving doesn’t really make your hair grow thicker. What happens in reality is that after it’s been shaved or waxed, the hair becomes less couth, so appears to be thick.

2. Cucumber shuns puffy eyes

Yeah, it’s absolutely correct! Cucumbers definitely do contribute in casting out the appearance of puffy eyes. As cucumbers are cold, they lessen the water retention around the eyes that causes a puffy look.

3. Chocolate gives you spots

Completely wrong! The fact is that chocolate doesn’t cause any problems but your poor diet can definitely bother your skin.

4. Toothpaste can clear blemishes

Correct! Toothpaste can remove the blemishes due to its ingredients that dries the skin. If you apply it on the affected part, it will help in drying that part quickly and thus speed up the healing process. There are possibility that it may also irritate your skin and can cause dryness. So, use apply it little carefully.

5. Lots of face washing can remove acne

Not right! Over-washing causes dryness and removes natural oils from your face. So, wash your face just twice or thrice daily.

Stay Beautiful 🙂


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