Christian Dior Beauty Summer Mix 2012

Woohoo weather has started shifting; season of colors is knocking our doors 🙂

As expected, fashion world has gone bright. Christian Dior has recently announced its latest glosses, both for lips and for nails. For fingertips, this luxury fashion house has come up with Dior Vernis Gloss, a varnish that according to Dior “…provides a new shine and color result, for nails in ultra-vibrant candy and glossy shades with a hint of exoticism.” It is available in four colors: Cosmo (a deep pink), Calypso (candy-like red), Acapulco (bright yellow) and Lagoon (naturally a pretty blue).

All the Dior addicts must be familiar with the Ultra-Gloss having the same name, available in the summery shades, Orange Paréo (#542), Rouge Cruisère (#854), Rose Bikini (#664) and Sunrise (#224).

For more information, check out Christian Dior site.

Dior Beauty 2012 Summer Mix


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